Swimming Pool / Spa
Inspection Report

Linn County Public Health
1020 - 6th Street SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
Phone: (319) 892-6000 Fax: (319) 892-6099
E-mail: health@linncountyiowa.gov
  Facility Name: Staybridge Suites North
Address: 4444 Czech Ln NE
Cedar Rapids, IA  52402
Person Contacted: Jeremy Markell
Title: GM
Registration No: SP57-057-100 \ SP57-057-101
Type: Routine

Water Quality Information
Name: Indoor Pool < 1500 sq ft Indoor Spa
Registration No: SP57-057-100 SP57-057-101
Area (Sq. ft.): 576 REMOVED
Volume (Gallons): 17165
Filter Type: Sand
Filter Rate:
Turnover Rate:
Chlorine (Free): 2.2
ORP: 683 / 7.4 / 81
Pool: 1-8ppm, ORP 700-880 mV
If less than 0.6ppm or greater than 8.0ppm = closure
Spa: 2-8 ppm ORP 700-880 mV
If less than 1.0ppm or greater than 8.0ppm = closure
Chlorine (Total): 2.2
Chlorine (Combined): 0.2
Bromine: NA
Pool: 2-18ppm Spa: 4-18ppm
Cyanuric Acid: NA
Must be less than 80 ppm
pH: 7.4
Pool and Spa: 7.2ppm-7.8ppm
If less than 6.8 or greater than 8.2 = closure
Total Alkalinity: 70
Calcium Hardness: 330


Water Quality Information (continued)
Name: Indoor Pool < 1500 sq ft Indoor Spa
Registration No: SP57-057-100 SP57-057-101
Temperature (F): 81
Spa must not exceed 104°
Type of Disinfectant: Chlorine
Disinfection make and model: Infinity
Drain Cover make and model: Hayward
Drain Cover exp. date: WG1031BHF 9X9
CPO exp. date:

Smoke Free Air Act
1. Facility in compliance with smoking ban?
( If no, complete complaint form )

Notes: :
Routine inspection today. CPO Preston is a new hire. Water chemistry is good. Several violations below are violations that existed prior to Preston’s arrival. The one that needs immediate compliance is #3. Preston can test water when he is here, but someone has to do it in his absence or pool should be closed

Email a letter of correction stating how the violations below have been and/or will be corrected to diane.midcalf@linncountyiowa.gov within 30 days.

# Section Reference Ref. Page
1) Management/Personnel Pool: 15.4(6)f(5) 24
Spa: 15.51(5)e(6) 17
  Item: Dates when filters are backwashed, cleaned, or changed included in Operational Records
2) Management/Personnel Pool: 15.5(1) 20
Spa: 15.52(1) 54
  Item: No pool or spa shall be constructed or reconstructed without the owner or a designated representative of the owner first receiving a permit from the department. Construction shall be completed within 24 months from the date the construction permit is issued unless a written extension is granted by the department.
  Comment: The removal of the spa was done without notifying IDPH of the removal and/or pulling a construction permit. All of the spa mechanics (filter, piping, electrical, etc) should have been properly removed at that time. Please ensure that this is done.
3) Management/Personnel Pool: 15.4(2)e 8
  Item: The disinfectant and pH in the pool water shall be manually tested or the ORP and pH of the swimming pool water shall be visually read and documented each day within one-half hour of the swimming pool opening, and at intervals not to exceed four hours thereafter until the swimming pool closes for the day. Visual ORP and pH in lieu of some of the manual tests are sufficient, but the swimming pool water shall be tested manually for disinfectant and pH at least twice per day. When manual tests are done, the manual test results and the visual readings for the ORP and pH shall be recorded.
  Comment: Preston cannot be the only one testing and monitoring the pool. Front desk and/or housekeeping should be trained to manually test the water, read the controller, document these numbers at the appropriate times, know the parameters that requires the pool to be closed, and feel empowered to close the pool when necessary.
4) Management/Personnel Pool: 15.4(2)e 8
  Item: The swimming pool and/or spa water shall be tested for total alkalinity at least once in each week that they are open for use. The swimming pool and/or spa shall be tested for calcium hardness at least once in each month that they are open for use
5) Management/Personnel Pool: 15.4(2)e 8
  Item: At least once in each month that a swimming pool and/or spa is open for use, the facility management shall submit a sample of the water(s) to a laboratory certified by the department of natural resources to be analyzed for total coliform (and pseudomonas in spas only)..
6) Management/Personnel Pool: 15.4(6)d 24
  Item: "No Lifeguard" signage/incorrectly posted. Where lifeguards are not provided whenever the pool is open, a sign shall be posted at each entry to a swimming pool or a wading pool.
7) Safety Pool: 15.4(4)f(6) 18
Spa: 15.51(4)d 13
  Item: Swimming pools where lifeguards are not provided shall have a designated emergency phone and shall be available to users of swimming pools when the swimming pool is open. When the telephone is not within the confines of the swimming pool, the location of the emergency telephone shall be posted in a conspicuous place within the swimming pool enclosure. Instructions for emergency use of the telephone shall be posted near the telephone.
8) Safety Pool: 15.4(6)k 25
Spa: 15.51(5)i 18
  Item: Each member of staff shall sign off that they have reviewed SDS sheets along with the Emergency Action Plan annually.
  Comment: Also add SDS sheets for Hydrochloric Acid
9) Safety Pool: 15.4(4)m(2) 17
  Item: Fully submerged lighting in a pool or spa shall be in working order.
10) Safety Pool: 15.4(4)m(1) 17
  Item: Above ground lighting in a pool or spa area shall be in working order
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These items must be corrected as soon as possible in order to comply with the Iowa Department of Public Health Swimming Pool and Spa Rules. A letter regarding the actions which will be taken in order to correct all deficiencies must be submitted within 30 days to this office. If for any reason you take issue with any of the items cited regarding swimming pool rules, a variance can be requested by following the instructions in the Iowa Department of Public Health Swimming Pools manual, amended July 8th, 2009, page 57, section 641-15.7 (135I). Variance requests regarding spa rules must be made in compliance with the instructions in the Iowa Department of Public Health Spa manual, revised July 8th, 2009, page 32, section 641-15.7 (135I).