Swimming Pool / Spa
Inspection Report

Jones County Environmental Services
105 Broadway Place, Suite 11
Anamosa, IA 52205
Phone: (319) 462-4715 Fax: (319) 462-5302
E-mail: environmental@co.jones.ia.us
  Facility Name: Camp Wyoming
Address: 9106 42nd Ave.
Wyoming, IA  52362
Person Contacted: Kevin
Title: Camp Director & CPO
Registration No: SP53-005-100
Type: Routine

Water Quality Information
Name: Out. Pool < 1500
Registration No: SP53-005-100
Area (ft.): 1320
Volume (Sq. ft.): 72000
Filter Type: Sand
Filter Rate:
Turnover Rate:
Chlorine (Free): 3.6
Pool: 1-8ppm, ORP 700-880 mV
If less than 0.6ppm or greater than 8.0ppm = closure
Spa: 2-8 ppm ORP 700-880 mV
If less than 1.0ppm or greater than 8.0ppm = closure
Chlorine (Total): 4.0
Chlorine (Combined): 0.4
Bromine: NA
Pool: 2-18ppm Spa: 4-18ppm
Water Quality Information (continued)
Cyanuric Acid: <30
Must be less than 80 ppm
pH: 7.4
Pool and Spa: 7.2ppm-7.8ppm
If less than 6.8 or greater than 8.2 = closure
Total Alkalinity: 100
Calcium Hardness: 150
Temperature (F): 70.7
Spa must not exceed 104°
Type of Disinfectant: Chlorine
Disinfection make and model: GH Steiner and Co. 45MPH10
Drain Cover make and model: Aqua star 24101
Drain Cover exp. date: April 2026
Smoke Free Air Act
1. Facility in compliance with smoking ban?
( If no, complete complaint form )

Notes: Please email a letter of correction stating how the violations listed below have been and/or will be corrected to diane.midcalf@linncounty.org within 30 days of this inspection.

Also, please call Kelly Barge with IDPH at 515-281-3548 to inform her of your waterslide and see what needs to be done for it to be considered compliant with the Iowa Pool Code.

Also, please mark the water logs ‘CLOSED’ when the pool closes early or is closed for the day.

# Section Reference Ref. Page
1) Management/Personnel Pool: 15.4(6)b 23
  Item: "Pool Rules" signage incorrectly posted. Rules sign shall include No diving in shallow end, No horseplay, and No running on deck. Post conspicuously at a minimum of 2 locations within the swimming pool enclosure.
  Comment: Have 2 sign within the pool enclosure.
2) Marking Pool: 15.4(4)j(2) 20
  Item: Depth Markers shall be located at 1-ft depth intervals, but not more than 25 ft. apart measured between the centers of the depth markers around the area of a swimming pool which has a water depth of 5 ft. or less
  Comment: As we discussed, add as 3’ marker between the steps, a 4’ marker on each side, and two DEEP WATER markers on each side of the pool
3) Marking Pool: 15.4(4)j(6) 20
  Item: No Diving or equivalent wording or graphics shall be marked on the deck of a leisure river in areas where users are permitted. Markers shall be within 3 ft. of the edge and no more than 25 ft. apart.
  Comment: As we discussed, add four NO DIVING markers in the 3-5’ area not to exceed 25 feet apart.
4) Safety Pool: 15.4(4)f(4) 17
  Item: A first-aid kit shall be equipped with: band-aids, sterile 4x4 bandage compress, self-adhering gauze bandage, disposable gloves, and a chemical cold press.
  Comment: Also, please clearly label this kit ‘FIRST AID KIT’
5) Safety Pool: 15.4(6)l 13
Spa: 15.4(6)l 19
  Item: The facility management shall develop a written emergency plan. The emergency plan shall be reviewed with the facility staff at least once a year, and the dates of review or training shall be recorded in the pool records.
  Comment: Please add procedures for ‘Weather Emergencies’, ‘Serious Illness’ and ‘Injury’ to your existing Emergency Action Plan
6) Showers/Toilets/Dressing Rooms Pool: 15.4(5)e 23
  Item: Soap shall be available at each lavatory and at each indoor shower fixture.
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These items must be corrected as soon as possible in order to comply with the Iowa Department of Public Health Swimming Pool and Spa Rules. A letter regarding the actions which will be taken in order to correct all deficiencies must be submitted within 30 days to this office. If for any reason you take issue with any of the items cited regarding swimming pool rules, a variance can be requested by following the instructions in the Iowa Department of Public Health Swimming Pools manual, amended July 8th, 2009, page 57, section 641-15.7 (135I). Variance requests regarding spa rules must be made in compliance with the instructions in the Iowa Department of Public Health Spa manual, revised July 8th, 2009, page 32, section 641-15.7 (135I).