Swimming Pool / Spa
Inspection Report

Linn County Public Health
1020 - 6th Street SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
Phone: (319) 892-6000 Fax: (319) 892-6099
E-mail: health@linncountyiowa.gov
  Facility Name: Custom Fitness
Address: 3950 Wilson Ave SW
Cedar Rapids, IA  52404
Person Contacted: David Bailey
Title: Manager
Registration No: SP57-029-101 \ SP57-029-100
Type: Routine

Water Quality Information
Name: Indoor Spa 2 Ind. Pool < 1500
Registration No: SP57-029-101 SP57-029-100
Area (Sq. ft.): 78 684
Volume (Gallons): 175 2736
Filter Type: Sand Sand
Filter Rate:
Turnover Rate:
Chlorine (Free): 4.0 3.6
ORP: n/a n/a
Pool: 1-8ppm, ORP 700-880 mV
If less than 0.6ppm or greater than 8.0ppm = closure
Spa: 2-8 ppm ORP 700-880 mV
If less than 1.0ppm or greater than 8.0ppm = closure
Chlorine (Total): 4.6 4.4
Chlorine (Combined): 0.6 0.8
Bromine: n/a n/a
Pool: 2-18ppm Spa: 4-18ppm
Cyanuric Acid: n/a n/a
Must be less than 80 ppm
pH: 7.2 7.6
Pool and Spa: 7.2ppm-7.8ppm
If less than 6.8 or greater than 8.2 = closure
Total Alkalinity: 90 90
Calcium Hardness: 150 120


Water Quality Information (continued)
Name: Indoor Spa 2 Ind. Pool < 1500
Registration No: SP57-029-101 SP57-029-100
Temperature (F): 84 104
Spa must not exceed 104°
Type of Disinfectant: Chlorine Chlorine
Disinfection make and model:
Drain Cover make and model:
Drain Cover exp. date:
CPO exp. date:

Smoke Free Air Act
1. Facility in compliance with smoking ban?
( If no, complete complaint form )

Notes: Returned to facility for spa inspection. Noted additional pool violations as well. Email your pool and spa log along with a letter of corrections explaining how the violations were fixed, or a timeline and plan as to when and how they will be fixed within 30 days to me at Diane.midcalf@linncounty.org

UPDATE:On 4/28/21 IDPH revoked these registrations, it was final action on 5/28/21. This facility's Pool and Spa are not registered with the state of Iowa and shall remain closed indefinitely.

# Section Reference Ref. Page
1) Management/Personnel Pool: 15.4(6)f(6) 24
Spa: 15:51(5)e(8) 17
  Item: Monthly ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) shall be included in Operational Records
  Comment: This shall be recorded monthly, at minimum.
2) Management/Personnel Pool: 15.4(2)e 10 and 11
Spa: 15.51(2)e 11 and 12
  Item: Not tested/recorded as often as necessary in Operation Records
  Comment: PH and Chlorine shall be recorded every 2 hours for the spa and every 4 hours for the pool. Calcium hardness shall be recorded every week.
3) Management/Personnel Pool: 15.4(6)d 24
  Item: "No Lifeguard" signage incorrectly posted
  Comment: This shall be mounted on each mode of entry of the pool deck.
4) Water Quality Pool: 15.4(2)f 11 and 12
Spa: 15.51(2)f 12
  Item: Each facility shall have functional water testing equipment for free chlorine and combined chlorine, or total bromine; pH; total alkalinity; calcium hardness; and cyanuric acid
  Comment: Testing shall be done by measuring the chlorine at 0.2 increments. Please use the testing kit that is in the filter room to comply with this.
5) Marking Pool: 15.4(4)j(2) 20
  Item: Depth Markers shall be located at 1-ft depth intervals, but not more than 25 ft. apart measured between the centers of the depth markers around the area of a swimming pool which has a water depth of 5 ft. or less
  Comment: Please add a depth marker for the spa end of the pool
6) Marking Pool: 15.4(4)j(6) 20
  Item: "No Diving" or equivalent wording or graphics shall be marked on the swimming pool deck within 3 ft. of the edge of the swimming pool where the water is shallow. The makers shall be 25 ft apart or less.
  Comment: No diving markings shall be marked every 25 fee or less.
7) Decks Pool: 15.5(4)a 29
  Item: A swimming pool shall be surrounded by a deck. The deck shall be at least 6 ft. wide for a Class A swimming pool, and 4 ft. wide for a Class B swimming pool, and shall extend at least 4 ft. beyond the diving stands, lifeguard chairs, swimming pool slides, or any other deck equipment.
  Comment: Pool deck shall be free of obstructions.
8) Safety Pool: 15.4(4)f(4) 17
  Item: A first-aid kit shall be equipped with: band-aids, sterile 4x4 bandage compress, self-adhering gauze bandage, disposable gloves, and a chemical cold press.
  Comment: Please make sure all of these items are in your emergency kit.
9) Safety Pool: 15.4(4)l(5) 22
Spa: 15.51(4)k(4) 16
  Item: An indoor swimming pool or spa shall have at least one 36-inch-wide gate or door. Gates and doors shall be lockable. Except where lifeguard supervision is provided, gates and doors shall be self-closing and self-latching.
  Comment: Back door of pool area shall be self latching.
10) Safety Pool: 15.4(4)b(3) 13
  Item: The distance between the swimming pool wall to the ladder railing shall be no greater than 6 inches and no less than 3 inches. The lower end of each ladder rail shall be within 1 inch of the swimming pool wall.
  Comment: This pertains to the ladder in the deep end.
11) Showers/Toilets/Dressing Rooms Pool: 15.4(5)e 23
  Item: Soap shall be available at each lavatory and at each indoor shower fixture.
  Comment: All showers shall have soap.
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These items must be corrected as soon as possible in order to comply with the Iowa Department of Public Health Swimming Pool and Spa Rules. A letter regarding the actions which will be taken in order to correct all deficiencies must be submitted within 30 days to this office. If for any reason you take issue with any of the items cited regarding swimming pool rules, a variance can be requested by following the instructions in the Iowa Department of Public Health Swimming Pools manual, amended July 8th, 2009, page 57, section 641-15.7 (135I). Variance requests regarding spa rules must be made in compliance with the instructions in the Iowa Department of Public Health Spa manual, revised July 8th, 2009, page 32, section 641-15.7 (135I).