Swimming Pool / Spa
Inspection Report

Linn County Public Health
1020 - 6th Street SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
Phone: (319) 892-6000 Fax: (319) 892-6099
E-mail: health@linncounty.org
  Facility Name: Top Shape Gym
Address: 2120 Edgewood Rd SW
Cedar Rapids, IA  52404
Person Contacted: Justin Banks
Title: CPO
Registration No: SP57-012-100 \ SP57-012-101
Type: Routine

Water Quality Information
Name: Indoor Pool >= 1500 sq ft Indoor Spa
Registration No: SP57-012-100 SP57-012-101
Area (ft.): 1800 0
Volume (Sq. ft.): 53640 0
Filter Type: Sand Sand
Filter Rate:
Turnover Rate:
Chlorine (Free): .4
ORP: 730
Pool: 1-8ppm, ORP 700-880 mV
If less than 0.6ppm or greater than 8.0ppm = closure
Spa: 2-8 ppm ORP 700-880 mV
If less than 1.0ppm or greater than 8.0ppm = closure
Chlorine (Total): 1
Chlorine (Combined): .6
Pool: 2-18ppm Spa: 4-18ppm
Cyanuric Acid:
Must be less than 80 ppm
pH: 7.4
Pool and Spa: 7.2ppm-7.8ppm
If less than 6.8 or greater than 8.2 = closure
Total Alkalinity:
Calcium Hardness:


Water Quality Information (continued)
Name: Indoor Pool >= 1500 sq ft Indoor Spa
Registration No: SP57-012-100 SP57-012-101
Temperature (F):
Spa must not exceed 104°
Type of Disinfectant: Chlorine Chlorine

Smoke Free Air Act
1. Facility in compliance with smoking ban?
( If no, complete complaint form )

Notes: Facility changed ownership in summer of 2018. Contact information needs to be updated in Linn County records. Facility management plans a rennovation to aquatics area in spring of 2019. Final plans for work to be done to pool and spa facility shall be submitted to the Iowa Department of Public Health for review and inspection.

Spa closed prior to inspection due to faulty heater. Pool closed as a result of chemical testing showing free chlorine at .4 ppm.

# Section Reference Ref. Page
1) Management/Personnel Pool: 15.4(6)f(6) 24
Spa: 15:51(5)e(8) 17
  Comment: Monthly GFCI testing of outlets in cotrol room not being recorded.
  Item: Monthly ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) shall be included in Operational Records
2) Filtration/Recirculation Pool: 15.4(1)b(4) 8
Spa: 15.51(1)e 9
  Comment: All skimmers on pool are missing their self-adjusting weirs.
  Item: Skimmer shall have an easily removable basket/screen upstream from any valve and have a Self-adjusting weir in place
3) Water Quality Pool: 15.4(2)a(1) 9
  Comment: Free chlorine manually tested at .4 ppm during inspection. Pool closed as a result.
  Item: Pool water shall have a free chlorine residual of at least 1.0 ppm and no greater than 8.0 ppm, or a total bromine residual of at least 2.0 ppm and no greater than 18.0 ppm when pool is in use
4) Safety Pool: 15.4(4)f(6) 18
Spa: 15.51(4)d 13
  Comment: No emergency phone present in pool enclosure nor is there a sign indicating to use the phone at the front desk in the case of an emergency.
  Item: Swimming pools where lifeguards are not provided shall have a designated emergency phone and shall be available to users of swimming pools when the swimming pool is open. When the telephone is not within the confines of the swimming pool, the location of the emergency telephone shall be posted in a conspicuous place within the swimming pool enclosure. Instructions for emergency use of the telephone shall be posted near the telephone.
5) Safety Pool: 15.4(4)m(2) 22
Spa: 15.51(4)j(4) 16
  Comment: Lighting in pool not functional and light on south side of pool is in disrepair.
  Item: Lighting shall be used for pool/spa so that all portions including main drain can be seen, and shall be in working order.
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These items must be corrected as soon as possible in order to comply with the Iowa Department of Public Health Swimming Pool and Spa Rules. A letter regarding the actions which will be taken in order to correct all deficiencies must be submitted within 30 days to this office. If for any reason you take issue with any of the items cited regarding swimming pool rules, a variance can be requested by following the instructions in the Iowa Department of Public Health Swimming Pools manual, amended July 8th, 2009, page 57, section 641-15.7 (135I). Variance requests regarding spa rules must be made in compliance with the instructions in the Iowa Department of Public Health Spa manual, revised July 8th, 2009, page 32, section 641-15.7 (135I).